Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Can I use a Bread Maker for Gluten Free Bread?

We often get asked if our bread mixes can be used in a breadmaker.  The short answer is no.
The results tend to end up a small doughy loaf.   Gluten Free Bread is made using a totally different technique, and the secret is not only in the finely tuned balance of flour blends but in the way they are mixed.  Traditionally bread is kneaded, and a bread maker emulates this with a small slow moving paddle.  In place of the gluten, GF bread needs to contain gum.  Xanthan and Guar being commonly used, the gum takes place of the gluten which gives the bread structure, and holds it up. Using a bench top mixer at reasonably high speed emulsifies the gum, and with the mix being quite stiff, it is almost impossible to mix by hand. Therefore we always advise that a benchtop mixer is really the only way to get a decent gluten free loaf.
Each breadmaker is different, and therefore devloping a mix that will work in various machines, would be extremely challenging.  However at Gluten Free Store, we love to give things a go so are keen to do some testing and see if we can work some magic!
But to see how easy it is to make our Gluten Free Bread, we have a short video here.

We use Kenwood mixers

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