Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pancakes! Not just for breakfast!

This versatile yet impressive Buckwheat Pancake Mix has become really popular, and depending on the consistency of your mix you can have pancakes, crepes or pikelets. A lot of people immediately think of breakfast pancakes, which are always popular in our household, with some bacon and maple syrup. My favourite is a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a sprinkling of sugar!  Pikelets are one of my "go to's" to serve visitors with a cup of tea.  With cream and jam!  It never fails to impress.  Another great way with them is making blini's.  These little mini pikelets are a fantastic hors d'oeuvre, with the addition of some tasty toppings. A great way to impress your guests, whether they are gluten free or not!

Suggested toppings:

Pate and Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 tub of Chicken Liver Pate 
1/2 Block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Squeeze of lemon
Cavier (Its not "real" cavier and costs about $8 in the fish section of your supermarket, but goes a long way!)  
Blitz Pate and Cream Cheese in a food processor or whip in a mixer, check if you need to add any salt or pepper.
Should be a consistency so you can pipe it.

Pipe or spread on to cooled Blini's, and add a little dollop of cavier with a sprig of coriander or parsley.

Cream Cheese and Salmon
Spread cream cheese on Blini's and add a sliver of smoked salmon with a dot of coriander or finely chopped red pepper.  
Or Blitz the cream cheese and smoked salmon as you would the above recipe.

Of course if you don't want Blini's, good old pancakes never go amiss.  Serve with your favourite accompaniment.  Bacon and Maple Syrup, or Blueberries or Fruit of your choice!  An ideal lazy Sunday breakfast!

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