Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Our new Batter Mix

Summer has finally arrived, but we have been urging it on with the release of our new Batter Mix.
This light and crispy batter has been such a winner, working with everything from fish, and prawns to vegetables, and being able to deep or shallow fry is a bonus!  So great if you are away on holiday and just want to be able to have battered seafood to cook in the pan!
We love it so much, and its been really popular on fish and chip nights!
A few tips when using the batter:

*Make sure your water is cold.  (We keep some in a glass bottle with a lid on it in the fridge)
*Dust whatever you are battering with some rice flour so that the batter does not fall off when frying. You can even use a bit of the dry mix.
*Add your battered morsel to the pan slowly, so as not to let it stick the bottom.
*Take your batter mix to the next level by adding some Lemon Pepper, or Cajun or Moroccan Spice to your mix.

Here is a wee video:  Click on link if video wont play.

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